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so how it goes           

with your life             

did you forget                  

contagious time  


so how it goes                          

with your life             

life is good                                 

a miracle


there‘s a need to live     

you always say                  

blueberry pie                 

turkey on a tray 


you were smiling      

so beautiful               

corner of your eye                

and tears in mine                     

you were smiling        

you were so close    

you were leaning      

you stop the time

you were smiling      

there at the bar         

telling the truth          

include me out  


I have to laugh            


I do love you              


there was the night         

surrounding me        

my deepest thought                     

you’d be with me         

so there‘s a time           

and here‘s the space         

we play the role            

with highest grace


the lyrics dull           

the story daft            

inside the truth         

you know that love  


and there‘s one thing

you need to know     

please be happy       

and let it go               


I do love you             

till end of tim

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