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The string, which looks like a small line by itself, will sweep out a two-dimensional surface known as the worldsheet. The different string modes appear as waves on this surface. In string theory, a brane is a physical object that generalizes the notion of a point particle to higher dimensions. In dimension p, these are called p-branes. The word brane comes from the word "membrane" which refers to a two-dimensional brane.


























 4DOGS string theory:

4DOGS string experience:

       4DOGS has many strings


       4DOGS interacts


       4DOGS has The P-ause with eleven dimensions ( one is the time )


       4DOGS goes on the edge of the mem-brane

2004 - in Montmartre, France, the frontman and solo guitarist are photographed, neither of them can 

play instruments at the time, the guitarist scratches down on the back of the photo: "The first documented

photo of a famous rock band".


2005 - The frontman meets Glen Hansard at a festival, after two minutes of conversation, Glen tells him

to quit his job and start a band.


2006 - The violinist joins a folklore band, not even in her wildest dreams believing that in 4 years

she'd be playing in a rock band.


2008 - The drummer buys a drum set without a clue how to play it but doesn't care. 

He's always wanted to play the drums.


2009, Spring - The bassist decides to buy a bass. He's never played one but he doesn't care. 

After four hours on google he buys it.


2009 - The band give their first gig, nobody comes except for dogs.



        And thus 4DOGS came to be.



2013 - The debut album The Pause is released. 4DOGS win the first round of Skutečná liga competition ( over 200 bands participated ).  They get to finale of Boomcup competition and their song Suspense had been in hit parade of Radio Wave over 6 weeks.


2014 - 4DOGS take the first place in Rockové Hranice competition and they win final round of Startér. The band also participate on the legendary Banát festival in Rumunia. In october Woody leaves the band and Petr Lezo becomes the new bass player.

2016 - Album the break is released. Petr Švach becomes the new bass player.

2019 - Album Under Dog is released.

2021 - limited edition album  recorded and released in time of lockdown - CO VIDím v času.

2022 - 4DOGS  - WAR IN UKRAINE is released - recorded on 5 mobile phones.

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