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feelings out of haze

calmly disappear

the habit takes place

where an empty hole appears


then again we go

it’s not a piece of cake

we claim there is no low

we’re in the peace of cage


in this state of mind

we’re just the observers

when pushing life behind

no urge to start over


so in a golden cage

put in hold we are 

and the brain is saved

though your heart can still be scarred


here  again

comes the bane

all the more

got to pay

we sway

we low 

we grey

we stray

you know 

it’s time

to step 


to feel

the life    

out of the cage


we try to breach the wall

we try to take the scheme

we try to free the soul

but body loves the theme


and then we think we won

we think we did redeem

we think we’re out and gone

peace of cage, the dream


by acting on the stage

we’re misgiving the aim

still in the peace of cage

there we are again


though in vain

I play a game

you play more

so we stray 

we stay

we low

we grey 

we fake

you know 

it’s time

to go


to feel

the life     

out of the cage


here we were before

acting on the stage

reaching for the goal

we are to slake the flame


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